Our Mission

The Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is dedicated to the promotion of education as the most important catalyst for societal change. The Foundation supports educational causes in a broad spectrum of institutions and through a wide variety of avenues - academic, public policy, community based social and artistic programs.

Giving back to the Jewish and Iranian roots of the family is also a priority not forgotten and highly valued by the Foundation. Thereby, the foundation's geographic foci are Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, Israel, as well as wherever the need is greatest.

The Ima Foundation, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, serves as the regional office of the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation. The Ima Foundation's efforts are focused exclusively on Israel. The Foundation aims to support Israel's people by investing in their future. Education is seen as the most important vehicle to narrow Israel's social and economic gaps. Through education, Israel's citizens can thereby ensure their country's place among the world's leading nations.

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